Successful application of process integration in industry


During this 3-day intensive course the outcome for the participants will be a better understanding of how to develop, apply and implement Process Integration (PI) for different systems. 

PI represents an important branch of process engineering, referring to the system-oriented, thermodynamics-based and integrated approaches to the analysis, synthesis and retrofit of process plants. PI encompasses a wide range of tools and approaches with the objective to optimize multiple processes or industries from a system perspective to achieve the most efficient ways in order to reduce costs and improve energy- and material efficiency.

The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of PI, the tools and methods available, and how these can be applied. Also the issues and barriers to facilitate implementation of process integration including presentation and acceptance of results, corporate structural barriers, etc. will be emphasized. Presentations will be given by European experts including researchers from Swerea MEFOS. Project assignments will be given, including a webinar presentation and discussions with selected experts. Time will be set aside for group work and discussions to encourage interaction between participants.

The course is primarily aimed for industry-based engineers, MSc, or scientists including PhD students and related stakeholders (academic, government, institutes) with an interest in the field of metals processing and mining industries.

Preliminary programme

Tuesday 10 October 2017

Room: E1026

09.00-09.45 Introduction to Process integration
09.45-10.00 Coffe break
10.00-12.00 Methods (theory)
12.00-12.45 Lunch
12.45-13.30 Methods (theory)
13.30-14.30  Tools  
14.30-14.45  Coffe break
14.45-16.30  Tools 

19.00 Dinner at Kulturens hus

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Room: E632

08.30-09.45  Practical application & Barriers
09.45-10.00 Coffe break
10.00-12.00  Industrial application (case studies)
12.00-12.45 Lunch
12.45-14.30  Industrial application (case studies)
14.30-14.45  Coffe break
14.45-16.30  Future integration potential – CCUS integration

Thursday 12 October 2017

Room: E1026

08.30-09.45  Assignment & Workshop
09.45-10.00  Coffe break
10.00-12.00  Assignment & Workshop
12.00-12.45  Lunch
12.45-15.00  Conclusion

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2017-10-10 09:00 till 2017-10-12 15:00
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Luleå University of Technology
2000 SEK excl. VAT (incl. lunch and dinner)